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Why Hope?
1 in 4 pregnancies in the U.S. end in abortion, ending the life of an unborn child and changing the life of the mom forever. Hope Resource Center exists to intervene as a woman searches for an abortion to give her hope and to help her choose life and Christ.
Every year 1.2 million abortions happen in our country. That’s 1 abortion every 20 seconds. But abortion isn’t just a national epidemic. It’s in our state. It’s in our city. In Tennessee, more than 18,000 abortions take place each and every year. About 5,000 of those happen right here in the greater Knoxville area. Hope Resource Center was founded to give women considering abortion somewhere to go before they decide. Our center is the only life-affirming pregnancy medical clinic of its kind in our city. Here, women are empowered with information and truth. They find hope, care and support. They find life …and Christ.

Men and women who pass through Hope Resource Center’s doors need hope, encouragement – and many times – Jesus. Hope Resource Center strives to create Christ encounters by meeting patients’ immediate needs and opening their hearts to hear the gospel. Through Christ, patients find hope in their current situation and confidence for their future.


Every year there are about 1,500 cases of Chlamydia in our city and more than 300 cases of Gonorrhea. Hope Resource Center offers free testing and treatment for 8 STDs and other common sexual health concerns. This service encourages our community to make healthier sexual choices and provides another avenue to share the love of Christ.


Every day, more young men and women learn about an unplanned pregnancy. Hope Resource Center’s educational programs work to reach Knoxville’s youth before an unplanned pregnancy happens by encouraging abstinence and promoting a God-pleasing lifestyle.

bring help and hope
Women and men who visit Hope Resource Center need a safe place to address their unplanned pregnancy or sexual health concern. They need someone to talk to who will listen and provide practical and accurate information. They need someone to support them and help them through whatever they’re facing – many times every step of the way. Hope Resource Center meets patients’ immediate needs by providing health services at no cost, while investing in on-going relationships with patients to impact lives with the love of Christ. Make an impact now by giving a generous gift or signing up to volunteer.
measuring impact
Every day, with every patient, Hope Resource Center plants seeds of life and seeds of Christ. This side of heaven, no one can know the true impact of the words, prayers and encouragement our patients receive. Many times, it cannot be quantitatively measured. But we know by listening, calling, visiting and following-up with men and women in need, lives are changed. 58% of abortion-minded patients who visit our center choose to carry their baby to term during their visit. But we know this is only part of the picture. Many more babies are saved and many more lives are changed because seeds of life and seeds of Christ were planted at Hope Resource Center.
“Thank you for helping me choose life, to be a stronger person and find my worth in Christ. I will forever be thankful for the conversation we had. You were right – it changed my life forever.”
– Jordan, 2012 Client who chose life for baby Nolan