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Extending Continual Hope

Men and women who come to Hope Resource Center may feel alone, scared and hopeless. They may live in an environment that discourages them. They may have someone pressuring them to have an abortion. Those men and women find support and encouragement at Hope Resource Center. But when they leave, they go home to the same environment. That environment may include poverty, abuse and fear. They return to the same problems that brought them to our center in the first place. The question is, where do they go from here?

Impact Knoxville With On-Going Support

Give men and women the support they need to carry their child to term after they choose life for their unborn baby. Provide educational resources and material support through Hope Resource Center’s parenting classes and mentoring program, giving patients love, compassion and stability they might not otherwise have. In the last 15 years, Hope Resource Center has impacted more than 900 men and women through more than 2,400 hours of parenting classes and mentoring. With your help, we can impact even more. Make an impact now by giving a generous gift or signing up to volunteer.

Without Support Women Are At Risk For Abortion

At risk women are still vulnerable to abortion even after they choose life for their unborn baby. When they leave Hope Resource Center, they may return to an environment that doesn’t support their choice for life. They may go home to a parent, boyfriend or friend who presents abortion as an option. They may be told they’re not ready to parent, that they’re incapable of providing for a child. That’s when abortion, once again, starts to look like a good solution.

When women have somewhere to turn and someone to lean on, they’re more likely to carry their baby to term. On-going support at Hope Resource Center gives at risk women a place to go and people they can rely on to encourage them as they carry their baby. They feel safe, secure, valued and loved. They find confidence to parent their child through classes and mentors. They earn baby items and other resources that help them provide for their child.

Get Involved In Giving Support

Forming relationships with patients through on-going support encourages their choice for life while forming lasting relationships that lead to Christ. Parenting classes and mentoring relationships build strong bonds, but we need your help to continue offering this opportunity to men and women who need hope.

Volunteer Time
Volunteer to teach a class or mentor a patient at Hope Resource Center. Your participation will help expand our class offerings to accommodate more patients who need support. Volunteers are needed to lead Bible studies, parenting classes and life-skills classes. Mentors are needed to meet weekly with a patient to provide encouragement and build a relationship with him or her. Your time will impact patients for life and Christ. And chances are, you’ll be impacted too. Sign up to volunteer.

Provide Material Needs
Donate gently used baby items to Hope Resource Center’s Stork Shop where new moms can buy the items they need with Baby Bucks they earn from parenting classes. You can also give gifts that will be given away during Hope Resource Center’s baby showers. These showers encourage first-time moms, celebrate their choice for life and reward their participation in Hope Resource Center’s parenting classes. To learn more about providing material needs, contact Megan Matthews.

Parenting Classes Support Life
Parenting classes at Hope Resource Center teach patients how to better care for their child while providing a community of support through volunteers and fellow patients. These weekly meetings give patients stability they might not otherwise have throughout their pregnancy. Classes give patients encouragement and confidence as they prepare to parent their child. Moms and dads also receive material support by earning Baby Bucks to exchange for needed baby items.
Create Christ Encounters
God’s love is put on display through parenting classes and mentors at Hope Resource Center. By meeting patients’ immediate needs and showing them compassion, relationships are formed that can lead to Christ encounters. As patients build trust with volunteers, they’re more open to hearing the gospel and receiving Christ’s gifts of love and forgiveness. Sign up to volunteer.
“The parenting classes at Hope Resource Center were extremely beneficial for me. I discovered ways to better care for myself and, in turn, impact my child’s health. The classes also gave me an opportunity to fellowship with other women who were pregnant and going through the same thing I was going through. One of the best parts of the classes was earning baby bucks! Having the opportunity to shop for your unborn child and have the necessities all right in front of you was so comforting. I have recommended these classes to many women and I’ll continue to do so!”
– Lillian