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Sex Sells. But Not The Whole Story.

Television, magazines, advertisements and pop culture all promote the same message: Sex. It’s everywhere, all the time. Today, Knoxville’s youth experience more pressure to have sex than ever before. Sex sells, but the messages it’s selling only tells part of the story. There’s no mention of unplanned pregnancy, STDs or God’s original design for sex.

Be Part Of The Education Ministry

Promoting abstinence, preventing unplanned pregnancy and decreasing the spread of STDs starts with you. Be part of Hope Resource Center’s education ministry and help promote God’s original design for sex.

Implement Programs: There are more than 10 private schools and countless churches in Knox and surrounding counties. Tell your church and the board at your child’s private school about our Just Wait program. Promote the vital need for abstinence and sexual health awareness in your child’s life.

Volunteer: When patients visit Hope Resource Center, they need someone to provide hope for their situation. Volunteer to be that person. Hope Resource Center needs female patient advocates to show love and support for patients, while also sharing the message of Christ with those in need.

Give: Impact our community with your donations. Give to Hope Resource Center’s education ministry. We need your continued support to prevent unplanned pregnancies by encouraging abstinence and to serve men and women in our community, meeting their needs and impacting them for Christ. Donate now.

Reinvent The Sexual Revolution With Just Wait
Parents, youth ministers and teachers are reinventing the sexual revolution with Hope Resource Center. Ask your church, community group or the board at your child’s private school to implement Just Wait, Hope Resource Center’s abstinence program. This vital ministry works to prevent unplanned pregnancy and STDs while promoting a God-pleasing lifestyle. Reach students with the truth about sex. Provide them with information and resources to encourage abstinence and promote sexual health awareness, while showing them God’s grace and mercy for what they may have already experienced. Learn more.
It’s Never Too Late To Wait
Sexual health concerns bring men and women to Hope Resource Center. When they come, they’ve already engaged in sexual activity. They’re already at-risk for STDs and unplanned pregnancy. During their visit, patients learn it’s never too late to wait. As patient advocates and nurses address the patient’s sexual health needs, they also share God’s love and His design for sex. Through this ministry, more than 5,000 people have heard the news of Jesus Christ. Many seeds are planted for salvation and healthier sexual practices.
“I enjoyed every minute of the Just Wait presentation. It made me aware of the risks of premarital sex and the value of waiting until marriage. The topic of sex can be awkward to talk about, but Hope Resource Center made it a comfortable atmosphere.”
– 2013 Just Wait student