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Support Life
Bring hope, life and Christ to Knoxville with Hope Resource Center. Explore how programs provide awareness, support and Christ to men, women and teens in our community and how you can take part.
Life is precious. Yet in Tennessee, more than 18,000 lives are lost to abortion every year. Hope Resource Center works to change that by providing free health services and a variety of resources. These programs enrich clients’ lives, save babies’ lives and provide opportunities to share the abundant life found in Christ. Bring life to the Knoxville community with Hope Resource Center. Your help provides on-going pregnancy support and sexual health education programs to our area.
Pregnancy Support Prevents Abortion

When a woman learns she’s pregnant and she wasn’t planning to be, it can create a personal crisis experience. She may be desperate for a way out and consider abortion. Hope Resource Center’s pregnancy support services work to reach women before they decide. Staff and volunteer patient advocates reflect Christ to patients and empower women with the information and resources to make positive, life-affirming decisions about their pregnancies. Be part of Hope Resource Center’s pregnancy support ministry. Learn more.

On-Going Support Fosters Life And Christ

On-going support at Hope Resource Center gives at risk men and women a place to go and people they can rely on to encourage them throughout their pregnancy. Parenting classes and mentoring programs help patients form positive relationships with others who are going through similar situations and with supportive staff who display Christ to them and encourage them throughout their journey. Get involved in fostering life and Christ through Hope Resource Center’s on-going support programs. Learn more.

Education Programs Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy

Knoxville’s youth today experience more pressure to have sex than ever before, putting them at an even greater risk for unplanned pregnancies and STDs. Hope Resource Center’s education and prevention programs work to encourage abstinence and sexual health awareness while promoting a God-pleasing lifestyle. Explore Hope Resource Center’s education and prevention ministry and how you can be a part of it. Learn more.

Get Involved In Life
Volunteer Your Time
Volunteer to be a part of Hope Resource Center’s life programs. Volunteers are the heartbeat of Hope Resource Center’s ministry. We need you! Sign up to volunteer today.
Donate Financial Gifts
Financial gifts of any size make an incredible impact at Hope Resource Center. Consider giving a financial gift today to support Hope Resource Center’s life programs. Give now.
Give Material Needs
Support choices for life! New and gently used baby items are always needed at Hope Resource Center to give expecting parents needed baby items. Learn how you can provide on-going support.
Who Needs Hope
High School girls who learn they’re pregnant and considering abortion.
College men and women who need to hear the message of abstinence.
Young men who learn they’re going to be dads.
Men and women of all ages who are worried about STDs.
Pregnant women who want life for their child but need baby items and support.
Married couples who didn’t plan to have another child.
Parents who find out their child is going to be a mom or dad.
“As Director of Operations it is my privilege to watch our incredible volunteers as they make hope come alive every single day! Their passion for the ministry and their unwavering love and commitment to serving God make Hope Resource Center possible. They stand side by side and walk hand in hand with ‘the least of these’ as they assist patients who are in need of the hope that only comes from Jesus. Our volunteers truly do keep hope alive.”
Lu Anne Tilson, Director of Operations