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Join In
Every day another woman learns about an unplanned pregnancy and considers abortion. Intervene in her crisis with Hope Resource Center. Get involved in all the ways you can give her hope.
Every 20 seconds, an abortion takes place in the U.S. and ends the life of a helpless unborn baby. That amounts to 1.2 million abortions every year in the U.S. and nearly 18,000 of those abortions take place in Tennessee. You have the power to change that. Stand for life with Hope Resource Center. Partner with us to bring hope to Knoxville. You can start saving lives right here, right now. So go ahead, get started!
Partner with Us
Partner with Hope Resource Center to make a powerful impact for Christ in our community. Learn how your ministry can unite with Hope Resource Center to promote the sanctity of human life, protect the unborn and shine the light of Christ in Knoxville.
There are 3 easy ways to partner with Hope Resource Center to make saving lives your business! Explore how your business can stand with Hope Resource Center as a corporate partner to be a difference-maker in our community.
Medical Professionals
Put your medical skills to work for His kingdom! Hope Resource Center always needs medical professionals to provide support and hope to men and women in our community. Discover how you can get involved.
College and high school students are uniquely qualified to be part of Hope Resource Center’s team. Many of the men and women we see are students just like you. Check out all the ways you can give your peers hope.
Use your talents to save unborn babies and minister to Knoxville men and women in need. Volunteers are the heartbeat of Hope Resource Center making our ministry possible! You can be part of it for as little as a few hours each week! Serve on the front lines of bringing hope to Knoxville. It’s simple, easy and fun, so sign up today!
“I have served as the HOPE medical board chairman and supported HOPE for years. I consider it a privilege to be involved with a ministry that offers practical and compassionate care, hope and life in the name of Jesus.”
– Stacy Hicks, MD