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About Hope
Bring hope, life and Christ to Knoxville with Hope Resource Center. Explore how programs provide awareness, support and Christ to men, women and teens in our community and how you can take part.
Hope Resource Center exists to serve women and men in the Knoxville community who are facing an unplanned pregnancy or other sexual health concern. Through targeted marketing, free services and outreach, we aim to bring those who are hurt, broken and scared to our doors. Once they’re here, we strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus and to reflect Christ in all that we do.
Empower Abortion-Minded Women To Choose Life

Hope Resource Center works to reach women who are considering abortion before they make a decision to end their pregnancies. Through targeted marketing and outreach to women facing an unplanned pregnancy, we promote key health services that bring women who are contemplating abortion to our center. When women come through our doors, Hope Resource Center empowers them with information and resources they need to make a positive, life-affirming decision about their pregnancy, saving the life of their unborn child. Learn more.

Impact Men For Fatherhood, Health And Jesus Christ

For every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, there is a partner, a potential dad. Hope Resource Center aims to reach men through parenting and life-skills classes as well as STD testing and treatment. Educating men through these classes while encouraging them to make healthy decisions about their sexual health plays an important role at Hope Resource Center. Through these programs we hope to impact men for Christ and to teach them to be Godly fathers, partners and leaders within the home. Learn more.

Bringing Hope To Tomorrow
With every passing day there are more young men and women who find themselves at risk for an unplanned pregnancy or an STD. Hope Resource Center’s education ministry works to prevent future unplanned pregnancies and the spread of STDs while promoting a God-pleasing lifestyle. Hope Resource Center reaches students with the truth about sex and provides them with information and resources to encourage abstinence and promote sexual health awareness, while showing them God’s grace and mercy for what they may have already experienced. Learn more.
Create Christ Encounters
Every person who passes through the doors of Hope Resource Center needs hope, encouragement – and many times – Jesus. Hope Resource Center meets immediate needs while planting seeds that may open hearts to Christ. As patients find hope for their current situation, they form relationships with volunteers, mentors and staff who love, appreciate and exhibit Christ to them. As the Holy Spirit moves, patients may be called to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
“At HOPE we celebrate parenting. We celebrate life. We celebrate looking to Someone greater than ourselves. We seek to step in the gap and show these men and women that they are not alone. We serve a God that is bigger than any fear we may have. We serve a God that can take and redeem our unplanned crisis. We serve a God that loves and steps in.”
– Andrew Wood, Hope Resource Center Executive Director